About PeerCulture

Peer Culture (n) /pier, kuhl-cher/
a stable set of activities or routines, values, and concerns that youth produce and share with their peers.

We believe that today’s young professionals working in the trenches of the most competitive industries have an invaluable perspective on what is next. The idea behind PeerCulture is simple – find exceptional talent and give them an opportunity to share their views, passions and stories. Sharing their diverse work and life experiences sheds light on where we are heading as a corporate culture.

PeerCulture exists to go beyond the stereotypes created by mass surveys to get to the heart of what drives our future leaders. PeerCulture seeks the truth. Truth leads to human insights. Human insights lead to a more coherent, relevant and fruitful dialogue between generations. The best way to find these truths is to get out of the way; go directly to the source and let them share it. We are happy to sit back, listen and learn.