Caitlin Burch

Sales, Universe (A Ticketmaster Company)
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What do you do for work? Give us a few reasons why you love it.
I work in sales for Universe, an online ticketing and marketing solution within the Live Nation and Ticketmaster family. I meet with different event-organizers and try to help them manage and promote their events. There’s something really pure and fulfilling in helping people put on special events. Just the other day I worked with a woman who hosts a basketball tournament and food truck festival for charity. The event raises funds for after school programs for underprivileged kids. Those types of opportunities make my job worthwhile.
What attracted you to your company? What keeps you there?
I’ve always been a music head. My dad called me jukebox as a kid because I was a walking rolodex of song titles and album names. I really wanted to be on the other side of the looking glass within the music industry, which led to live events. This role at Universe has let me step into the music world and be part of the magic.
Your current company aside, name another company in any industry that you admire and explain why.
Warby Parker. I’ve been near blind a majority of my life and have had to cling to glasses to see the world. Warby Parker makes glasses more affordable by not having the giant corporate mark up I’ve been accustomed paying to my whole life. Plus you can try on glasses in the convenience of your own home, without the awkward in-store scenario of salesperson staring at you while you stare at yourself. I also love that they’re disruptors. They’re innovative in a way that makes my life easier and they donate to charity with every purchase. To me, they’re a spectacle of good and I truly appreciate that.
How did you become good at what you do? What steps do you take to keep improving?
First, trial and error. In an era where we’re all trying to look so perfect on Instagram (#blessed), I think it’s important to be real about mistakes and to own them as an important part of our journeys. I’ve learned the most out of my messes and in a weird way, this makes me a bit proud of them. 

Aside from embracing the trial and error process, I attend and hold a position in a industry networking group. This has given me a sounding board of amazing talent to choose from and really great mentorship throughout my career. Volunteering in an industry networking group gives you a great test environment for tasks you may not be that comfortable with yet. I also listen to a career-related podcast or audiobook to start my day each morning. This helps me really get in the zone and start my day on the right foot. Lastly, I try to take an online course a year to learn new skills and keep me in a “forever student” mentality.
In your opinion, what is wrong with the corporate world and how would you fix it?
I think a lot of problems lie in the phrase “It’s just business.” I think the more we remove the human element from the workplace, the farther we get away from the true value of companies: to help people solve their needs. I also think right now there’s way too much finger pointing at the flaws of different generations and less focus on individuals and their input. There are great employees in each generation, just as there are less than desirable ones in every generation.
What are your priorities outside work? What do you care about?
Family is hugely important to me. I have six nephews that are the most wonderful little humans on this planet. Being there for them as they discover the world is a huge passion of mine. Outside of that, I really enjoy mentoring youth. I’ve helped at my alma mater to teach young grads essentials like how to write a résumé, prep for an interview, etc. I really enjoy teaching and growing the next generation and put a lot of effort into this in my spare time.