Chinmay Bijwe

Senior Software Engineer, Fevo
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What do you do for work? Give us a few reasons why you love it.
I work at Fevo as a software engineer. The company is a live events/entertainment ticketing startup. I build the company’s ticketing platform and website while actively participating in design and product development. I love working here because of the amazing team (we connect really well, watch out for each other and learn a lot together) and the unique challenges we’re trying to solve which involve social psychology and building innovative yet usable user interfaces.
Where do you expect to be in 5 years?
I hope to grow from a lead engineer into VP of Engineering/CTO – a person with deep technological knowledge and experience building culture and teams.
In your opinion, what is wrong with the corporate world and how would you fix it?
In America, a focus on work life balance is fairly spotty. Often employees are viewed as resources and not human beings. A seemingly unrelated issue stemming from this is the poor health insurance system in the country, and companies/organizations caring little about it.
Who are your role models or influences? Explain what makes them special.
This is one of the hardest questions. I have (had?) role models, but they change. It’s not because I don’t consider them “good enough” anymore, but because I’m awed by and prioritize different things at different phases of life. My current role model and mentor is my company’s CTO, Eric Chu. Watching him grow from a senior engineer to CTO, the way he has grown the team and culture, handled problems and crisis situations is very inspiring. There’s so much to learn from a person who you can see is constantly learning and growing. I could write pages about him, but one of most important things I’ve learned from him is to look for an opportunity to grow in every difficult situation.
How do you want the world to be different because you lived in it?
I would like to see more equality in opportunities across gender, race, ethnicity, etc. Better medical insurance system, fighting poverty and disease, more urgent action to combat damage to the environment and global warming. Most importantly though, I’d like to see people grow and look inwards and strive for world peace.