Irina Dzyubinsky

Decision Sciences and Analytics
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What do you do for work? Give us a few reasons why you love it.
I work with data and numbers to enable analytically driven strategic decisions. I love what I do because numbers don’t lie and as long as you follow the trends and make rational and logical decisions based on data with some human/emotional perspective sprinkled in, you can’t go wrong.
Your current company aside, name another company that you admire and explain why.
Ambit Energy is a great company and one whose corporate culture rewards its people, not just lining the pockets of the executives. I also admire Bright Horizons, Zappos, and Netflix. Aside from having a great culture and valuing its people, these companies have values, a mission and vision that are aligned across the organization.
In your opinion, what is wrong with the corporate world and how would you fix it?
There are a lot of things wrong with the corporate world. For one, most large organizations either don’t have a why, have forgotten their why or don’t care about their why. Making profit is valued above all else and people are treated as disposable garbage. If I could fix the corporate world, I would start with putting people in leadership who are less interested in huge salaries and bonuses and are more interested in creating a culture of true respect and harmony, open and honest communication, no silos, healthy and engaging conflict, and ultimately with the understanding that without their people, the company wouldn’t be what it is. And not just to talk the talk, but to walk the walk.
Which is more important: talent or work ethic? Why?
Work ethic is more important because having talent only gets you to a certain point and unless you have discipline and a strong work ethic to actually get work done, talent alone isn’t going to make a person successful.
What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in your life?
Family is the most important thing. I learned that no company is worth sacrificing missing tucking your kids in at night and reading them a bedtime story because at the end of the day, I can be discarded like yesterday’s garbage. My blood, sweat, and tears, talent, and time should benefit me and my family and that is why working for myself has become a priority.
How do you measure success at work? In life?
Success at work for me is when people whom I managed years before end up wanting to work for me again or leave me feedback to say how to this day they still think about me going to bat for them despite great odds. Also, people who tell me that they’ve learned more from me than most of the years at work combined. In life, when my kids are happy and I make time to spend with them and do the things they want to do. When my husband says what a great job I’ve been doing with the kids and the family responsibilities in general.
How do you want the world to be different because you lived in it?
I want people to be more empathetic and compassionate and truly care about the well-being of one another regardless whether it’s something that affects one personally.