Justin Tanner

Senior Tech Consultant
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What do you do for work? Give us a few reasons why you love it.
I am a Senior Tech Consultant for a company that provides software and hardware for large electric utilities. My primary role is to help our customers use our technology to improve efficiency in their day to day operations as well as cost. The second half of my job is troubleshooting and enabling our customers to troubleshoot their own systems.
Your current company aside, name two other companies that you admire and explain why.
Tesla – They are paving the way in technology and spurring on innovation and competition for that matter from other companies.

Chick-Fil-A – This isn’t a tech company but they surely make great chicken! Not only their food is good but every restaurant from California to South Carolina will give you a pleasant experience and the best customer service you’ve ever experienced. I think it makes the food taste better when it’s served with a smile. 🙂
In your opinion, what is wrong with the corporate world and how would you fix it?
The biggest problem I see in corporate world today is inefficiency. We tend to have one person that knows the most about something and we work that person until they don’t enjoy doing whatever that thing was or is. We should enable other resources within companies to learn and grow and never be single stranded. I’ve worked across multiple clients in my career and found that most US companies seem to follow this model. When that guy (or girl) is out on vacation, the work stops. This should never be. US companies should spend more in training programs and have levels and very clear goals for each employee to work towards. This type of leadership spurs on creativity and creates an atmosphere of learning and sharing.
What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in your life?
Treat people how you would like to be treated. Throughout my career, I’ve made friends within my own company and served them wherever I could. People remember how you treat them and there have been so many times, years down the road where I have needed something, those same people I could count on. I didn’t burn the bridge but built it up.
How do you want the world to be different because you lived in it?
I hope to have served more than I have been served from an earthly perspective. I know I will never out-serve Jesus but He paved a path for believers to try and walk in and to strive daily to walk in.