Leah Kovach

Marketing Manager, IrisVR
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What do you do for work? Give us a few reasons why you love it.
I recently joined IrisVR as their Marketing Manager. We help people in the AEC industry (architecture, engineering, and construction) bring their 3D models to life using virtual reality. I love marketing because it’s both an art and a science, and it gives me the opportunity to contribute to the business in a meaningful, measurable way. It’s also a ton of fun. Our technology is incredible!
What attracted you to your company? What keeps you there?
I was attracted to this role at IrisVR because it offered the chance to make an immediate impact and build out a full marketing program in a totally new industry. (I started my career in the email marketing space.) I work with an incredible team and I love my day-to-day projects – there are always opportunities to learn and grow the brand.
Your current company aside, name another company in any industry that you admire and explain why.
I like Smartly. They’ve created a free online MBA + career network. The content is incredible – it’s really well written and makes difficult topics easy to learn – in addition to being accessible online and through an app so that you can learn at your own pace.
How did you become good at what you do? What steps do you take to keep improving?
I had excellent mentors who showed me the ropes when I transitioned from business development to marketing. Their help really enabled me to grow. I build on those skills by constantly asking for feedback and taking every project as an opportunity to learn a new technical skill or perspective on how to tackle an issue.
In your opinion, what is wrong with the corporate world and how would you fix it?
Every company is different, but it’s frustrating and disheartening to hear about issues of gender inequality in the workplace (such as the wage gap, lack of women in corporate leadership roles, etc). These issues are complicated and don’t have a realistic quick fix, but if I had my own company, I’d make sure we had a generous parental leave policy and establish a women’s workplace organization to help nurture employee personal/professional development.
What are your priorities outside work? What do you care about?
Above all else, I care about my family and friends. I had an amazing college experience and stay very active in the Colgate University community. Learning is also important to me; I try to take new classes as often as I can. (I’m currently working my way through Smartly’s online MBA curriculum.)
How do you want the world to be different because you lived in it?
I hope the world becomes a more equal, empathetic place.