Nick Duellman

Chief Operating Officer at Karbon Kinetic
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What do you do for work? Give us a few reasons why you love it.
We put gyms on multi-tenant corporate centers so that tenant employees can utilize the gym as well as take part in group classes, and various one on one programming. I love it because it gives us an opportunity to bring fitness and wellness to individuals that wouldn’t normally.
In your opinion, what is wrong with the corporate world and how would you fix it?
There is too much emphasis on time and not enough on efficiency. An employee should be rated on completing projects and not sitting at their desk a certain number of days. Obviously it depends on the role of that job, but there is a lot of production that can happen in a 6-hour workday without making people come back after a lunch where they will be less productive anyway. I would rather pay someone better for 6 hours who is concentrated on their work than someone for 8 hours who is not focused on work as they know they are punching that time card.
Which is more important: talent or work ethic? Why?
In our field, work ethic. We can train talent, but work ethic is ingrained. If you have all the talent in the world and no work ethic, the end result is negative. If someone has a strong work ethic, it may take time to establish the talent, but in the end you have a strong employee. With individuals who have much talent and small work ethic, you get an entitled attitude that only creates drama without results.
What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in your life?
In business, two things: Treat others as you would want to be treated and work with people you trust and can create a whole that is greater than the sum of its part.
Who are your role models or influences? Explain what makes them special.
Jesus Christ. Although he was God himself, he humbled himself so that others could be saved through him. There are many great things that he did and I can go on and on about what they mean. I can lay my burdens on him as well as act as much as I can like him.
How do you measure success at work? In life?
Success at work is creating an environment where everyone is happy and healthy. They love coming into work every day and feel valued as a part of our team. I see success as becoming the person I want my son to grow up to respect.
How do you want the world to be different because you lived in it?
Ultimately, as a Christian I want people to know who Christ is. I hope they can see Christ’s love reflected in my actions.